Shuttleworth Sales by Territory

Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan Illinois and Missouri North Central United States Northwest United States and Western Canada Western United States, Hawaii & Western Canada Southwest North Central United States Southeast United States South Central United States Northeast United States & Eastern Canada Ohio, West Virginia & Pennsylvania Maryland, Delaware & New Jersey

Sales Representatives by Territory

Joe HamonNortheast United States & Eastern Canada
Joe Hamon
Mobile: 914-261-2029



Todd EckertIllinois & Missouri
Todd Eckert
Office: 260-359-7850
Mobile: 260-438-8672


Kim HildebrandIndiana, Kentucky & Michigan
Kim Hildebrand
Office: 260-359-7838
Mobile: 260-438-8228


Kevin KarstNorth Central United States & Central Canada
Kevin Karst
Office: 260-359-7833
Mobile: 260-413-9174


John NaunasNorthwest United States & Western Canada
John Naunas
Office: 260-359-7816
Mobile: 260-433-7583


Joe ChristenOhio, West Virginia & Pennsylvania
Joe Christen
Office: 260-359-7807
Mobile: 260-224-1660


Jim FieldsSouth Central United States
Jim Fields
Office: 260-359-7861
Mobile: 260-437-8403


Doug RobertsSoutheast United States

Doug Roberts
Mobile: 770-558-7744



Andrew IzumiSouthwest United States

Andrew Izumi
Mobile: 818-858-3205