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Shuttleworth's accumulation conveyors accumulate product at a specific location within the line. To avoid product impact and damage, specific methods are used to slow down the speed such as non-contact, minimal pressure and zero pressure.

For our multi-lane accumulator, adjacent lanes on the conveyor surface run in opposite directions while still being driven off the same line shaft by reversing the twist on belts and employing alternating sleeves and segmented rollers when driven by belts, successive shafts can be powered in opposite directions allowing bi-directional travel within the same conveyor frame. Simultaneously, bi-directional travel within the same conveyor frame in chain driven applications can be accomplished by using two drive chains, one traveling in each direction and engaging alternate shafts.

The Shuttleworth multi-lane accumulator accepts the build-up of product flow from the upstream equipment allowing production to continue if down line packaging machines fail. The benefits of low-line pressure accumulation includes elimination of product damage and a more efficient production. Shuttleworth brings the benefit of product quality to provide increased profitability for your business.

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