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Custom Devices

Shuttleworth has developed numerous special devices unique to specific product applications and tailored to specific needs to optimize efficiency.

At Shuttleworth, we understand the strict demands of your industry and the unique requirements that come along with unique products. Because products across an array of industries range in size, shape, and needs, we offer custom devices to keep production running efficiently and effectively. From stacking and rotating to accumulating and more, we can design specialty devices unique to your product requirements.

Custom devices include incorporating a turntable design used to change the orientation of products on the Slip-Torque® conveyor surface. The product is conveyed to a product stop, which positions it on the turntable and the surface of the turntable rotates the product to the desired orientation to convey onto another conveyor. We've also designed overhead sweeps which have been used to move product quickly in a hi-speed side transfer application.

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