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Lift & Rotate

Shuttleworth's Lift-and-Rotate (LAR) devices are used to change the orientation of products on the Slip-Torque conveyor. The LAR rests just below the roller surface in a conveyor surface hole until activated. The product is conveyed to a product stop which positions it over the LAR device. The LAR is activated by a sensor then lifts the product above the roller surface before rotating it to the desired orientation. The LAR device then lowers the product to the conveyor surface and the product is conveyed in its new orientation.

With attention to detail, the lift and rotate device uses precision at each use. Your fragile products such as glasses, foods, and other breakable materials, are safe with the caution and steady arm of this piece of machinery.

When you’re looking for a quality device to decrease labor costs and efficiently lift and rotate products to the conveyor surface, this machine is the perfect solution. With special care, the lift and rotate is designed to steadily move products without shaking or causing falls. Tested and approved, this machine is sure to enhance your production room.

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