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Many products can be simply and inexpensively positioned with Shuttleworth's product positioning devices. Specific patterns of products can be formed with product stops, side pins or clamps and rails working through the fixed Slip-Torque roller surface allowing easy access to robots, machine infeeds or operators.

Positioners are used in numerous industries to increase production rates without affecting the integrity of the products. Positioning bottles, cans, and other product types, product positioners are designed to locate and position products in a specific pattern for seamless conveying.

Product positioners accurately position products for processing on or just above the conveyor surface. Shuttleworth offers two versions of this device. First, a heavy duty version that is mounted on its own rigid machine base and can position products weighing up to 36kg (80lb) with 0.05mm (.002") accuracy. The second, a conveyor mounted version capable of locating products.

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