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To rotate products, we have developed a line of product re-orientation devices including a high-speed servo rotator. These units can reliably rotate products from short side leading to long side leading at rates up to 300 products per minute or long side to short side as required. They can accommodate multiple sizes and odd-shaped packages with simple adjustments.

Standard servo rotators come in aluminum construction, but they can also be purchased in all stainless, washdown models. Shuttleworth also offers split-bed frequency drive conveyors, bump turns and pneumatic-assisted bump turns for lower speed applications.

Our Slip-Torque Conveyor technology provides a customized conveyor surface for efficient and smooth rotation. The conveyor can also provide package spacing to eliminate the need for a secondary spacing conveyor.

The versatility of our product rotators is unique to Shuttleworth conveying technology. Working with products in multiple sizes and shapes, this feature seamlessly rotates and orients products while conserving production time and costs.

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