Star Roller™

The SuperStar in paper handling applications.

Shuttleworth's Star Roller™ eliminates "shingling" or "creeping" of the bottom most layers of paper when stacks are transported or accumulated on Slip-Torque® conveyors. Combined with Slip-Torque® technology, the proprietary Star Roller™ profile accomplishes non-damaging accumulation (buffering) between machines in the cut sheet paper handling process.

Accumulation reduces total line delays by allowing operable machines to continue production for a cost-effective period of time when other in-line machinery is down. The amount of accumulation time is determined by frequency and length of downtime of in-line machinery. Through the use of Shuttleworth's Star Roller™ technology, the paper industry can benefit from flawless accumulation that increases throughput, gives greater productivity, reduces product damage, and saves hours of operating time.

Designed specifically for handling loose sheets of paper and paper products, the Star Rollers interlock together to solve shingling problems and eliminate product damage - preserving the integrity of the paper.    

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