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Vision Systems

Improving your product quality doesn't have to be difficult. Shuttleworth's machine vision devices can help manufacturers improve quality and performance by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and tracking and capturing information at every stage of the production process. Vision systems can confirm that the product matches its label, verify kit components, check that the label is in the right position and correctly oriented and more. Machine vision can also be used to divert products to the correct area of the line for processing or shipping or to divert flawed products off the production line before further value is added to them.

Machine Vision Applications

  • Barcode / OCR Reading
  • Inspection
  • Kit Verification
  • Location Checking/Verification
  • Measurement
  • Product Counting
  • Product Locating
  • Sorting

Benefits of Shuttleworth's Machine Vision devices include:

  • Reduced Labor/Increased Profits
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Flexibility for Setup & Product Changes
  • Quick Return on Investment

Simplify your processes and reduce your overall risk with machine vision solutions only from Shuttleworth.

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