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Accumulation & Buffering

Whether you’re accumulating food trays or difficult product shapes or buffering glass panels, Shuttleworth can help find the best solution to fit your needs. We specialize in developing accumulation conveyor systems and buffering devices that offer the benefits of gentle product handling, low line pressure and non-contact accumulation - delivering efficiency to your manufacturing operations.

From single, multi-lane, mass or non-contact, our accumulation conveyors handle your delicate products with care utilizing low line pressure. Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque technology allows the rollers to stop turning under the accumulated products. This feature allows products to accumulate without touching - therefore reducing the opportunity for product damage to occur. We offer over 65 roller materials to select from for proper handling of your specific product. The conveyor also includes a buffer area where a steady supply of product can be oriented or held back to allow for downstream processes such as sorting, wrapping, palletizing and others.

Built with rigid construction, maximum air flow and greater access for tooling makes our accumulation conveyors and devices better than ever. With features that surpass the competition, Shuttleworth's accumulation conveyor systems ensure your quality products are processed with the highest level of care.