Personal Care

The personal care industry thrives on proper product handling. Gentle accumulation and gentle product handling using Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque conveyors brings your cosmetics, vitamin, wet wipes and other personal care products to your customers in top condition. We have designed, built and integrated solutions to increase productivity, optimize manufacturing, and virtually eliminate risk of product damage. Whether it’s gently handling blister packs, trays, bottles, or cartons; our experience and expertise can help solve even the most difficult product handling challenges. We strive to understand your specific product handling needs, study the application, and provide the best solution with the least amount of risk.

Shuttleworth’s reject devices and machine vision services provide inspection and reject capabilities along with the durability and dependability of the Slip-Torque gentle handling roller technology. The chain drive roller system used in Slip-Torque Technology creates flawless manufacturing for a wide variety of health and beauty products. The chain drive systems uses a continuous roller chain with support track and idler sprockets for smooth roller operation.