Printing & Binding

Shuttleworth's buffering conveyor solutions for the printing and binding industry can help to improve your throughput, reduce product damage and increase uptime by virtually eliminating equipment shutdown. Using our unique roller technology designed to eliminate shingling and low line pressure product handling, we can achieve the optimum solution for your printing and binding needs. With the combination of the Star Roller and SlipTorque technology consisting of loose-fit rollers, our paper handling conveyors can gently handle your stacked paper products. Unlike traditional conveyors, the loose-fit rollers stop under your product when it stops - allowing the paper products to accumulate and virtually eliminate any fanning or creeping of the bottommost sheets of paper.

Our Star Roller technology revolutionized the paper industry by moving cut sheet paper between processes. The Star Roller conveyor uses a roller surface designed for non-damaging accumulation between machines in the cut sheet paper handling process. While accumulation reduces total line delays, the amount of accumulation time is determined by frequency and length of downtime of in-line machinery.