ARCO Weighmaster Systems

Shuttleworth and ARCO Solutions are proud to introduce the ARCO Weighmaster checkweighing and weigh correcting systems to accurately weigh and correct tills for the soft fruit and mushroom industries with more throughput and less loss due to products being overweight.

Developed with Shuttleworth’s gentle low line pressure Slip-Torque® roller surface and ARCO checkweighers and software, the ARCO Weighmaster will elevate your produce check weighing and correction process to ensure maximum efficiency and precision with a single operator.

With medium and high-capacity options available, Shuttleworth provides solutions for a single operator to process up to 60-100 tills per minute. The ARCO Weighmaster takes checkweighing to new levels with increased throughput and less loss due to overweight give away.

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Experience less loss to overweight while staying ahead of the competition. Check weigh and correct up to 60 products per minute with the ARCO Weighmaster-MC.

Supercharge your throughput while achieving accurate weight and fresher packages with the ARCO Weighmaster-HC & integrated AGR Software. Check weigh and correct up to 100 products per minute.