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Printing & Binding

Improve your throughput, reduce product damage and increase uptime by virtually eliminating equipment shutdown using a Shuttleworth buffering solution. Using our unique roller technology designed to eliminate shingling and low line pressure product handling, we can achieve the optimum solution for your printing and binding needs. With the combination of Star Roller and SlipTorque, our paper handling conveyors can gently handle your stacked paper products. Unlike traditional conveyors, the loose-fit rollers stop under your product when it stops – to accumulate and virtually eliminate any fanning or creeping of the bottommost sheets of paper.

The printing and binding industry requires specific conveyor technologies. To keep all products safe and secure, this industry relies on quality conveyors for proper manufacturing. The 30 degree Twist Conveyor enables a 30 degree change in the product orientation to square it for downstream trimming operations. The 30 degree Twist Conveyor includes low line pressure accumulation and a 30 degree change in production orientation.

Our Star Roller technology has changed the way the paper industry moves cut sheet paper between processes. Our Star Roller conveyor uses a roller surface designed for non-damaging accumulation between machines in the cut sheet paper handling process. While accumulation reduces total line delays, the amount of accumulation time is determined by frequency and length of downtime of in-line machinery.

Shuttleworth Pro Mach, Inc.

Case Study #1

Shuttleworth Slip-Torque Conveyor gives Wallace Books Highest Quality - Printing & Binding Conveyor Case Study

Shuttleworth, Inc. Slip-Torque Conveyor Gives Wallace Books Highest Quality Wallace opened for business in 1908, the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Many things have changed in the publishing world since then (although sadly, baseball futility on the north side of the city of Chicago has not) but despite all of the technological advances and the predicted demise of the printed word, there is still a large audience for books, catalogs, magazines, and pamphlets.

Shuttleworth’s Slip-Torque® conveyor has helped Wallace insure that the printed and bound product they deliver to their customers arrives in the best possible condition. “On some conveyor systems,” says Dan Firlit, plant manager of Wallace’s facility in Hillside, IL, “marks will appear on the covers of the final product, this is due to the type of roller systems being used such as a stop and drag type system. We have found that using Shuttleworth’s new and improved system has allowed us to give our customers a final product of highest quality.” Shuttleworth has done work for Wallace over the years, supplying standard in-feed conveyors, but one day Shuttleworth’s regional sales manager Kevin Karst picked up the phone and heard his contact at Wallace say that they had a large project for which he thought Shuttleworth would be the perfect partner in the solution to Wallace’s problem. Karst understood that preventing “marks” on the back of the books was critical. “That was the main consideration – they needed to handle these books without damage,” he said. “The end product was a high-quality directory that would go to customers and the books needed to look their best and be of the highest quality. In addition, due to the various packaging and mailing systems, an even work flow was very important.”

The Shuttleworth team designed a system so Wallace could have it’s cake and eat it too. This system could transfer and accumulate as many as 200 bound catalogs prior to being sent to one of three finishing and mailing lines. One possible destination was an automated bulk palletization machine where catalogs are cased or put on pallets. If case binding was needed for the catalog, the product would head for a specialized binder. If book folding was required the same conveyors would lead the catalogs to that specialized equipment. In fact, Shuttleworth sent the in-feed conveyor to a nationally acclaimed manufacturer to integrate the Shuttleworth System into the development and design of Wallace’s packaging machinery. “It was important that we had the flexibility to divide the system and give this outside manufacturer part of this conveyor system, so they would be comfortable with how we were going to feed into their packaging system,” Karst said. Keeping in mind, of course, the books had to stay free of any “conveyor marks”. That objective was met because the rollers underneath the product actually stop on the Shuttleworth System when the product stops to accumulate. This compares favorably with a belt system where the belt conveyor runs constantly underneath the product and can scuff or damage the final product.

Even though the system was customized, it only took 120 days from initial discussion to final installation. The first step was a Wallace Engineer created drawings of the layouts of the new and existing equipment. There were space limitations and many problems that had to be solved, but together, Shuttleworth and Wallace came up with a system that made sense mechanically as well as reasonably priced. Wallace’s engineers requested a special feature to be included in the project – installation of a modem in the conveyor’s control panel. This allows automated control settings to be changed by Shuttleworth engineers dialing into Wallace and “making adjustments on the fly,” if needed. Shuttleworth’s experience of providing this benefit with past customers has proven very valuable for Wallace. Shuttleworth’s engineers installed and assembled the system on the shop floor of their headquarters in Huntington, IN and Wallace’s personnel went to Shuttleworth to test the new system before delivery.

The Shuttleworth System has worked beautifully. Wallace’s Firlit says, “What we like about their system is that the uptime on the system is virtually 100 percent. We have very few breakdowns, if any. Since we’ve had the system, which is over a year now, we’ve only had to deal with very minor things. And we run the system very hard.” “The operators, the people who work on the equipment, are very pleased with the overall performance. What it really has done for us is improved efficiencies and decreased our downtime. And most importantly, improved overall quality of our final product, the catalog.”

Case Study #2

Streamlining Soft and Hard Cover Binding Materials - Printing & Binding Conveyors Case Study

Huntington, IN - Shuttleworth, Inc. has instituted a Bindery Review Team to analyze binding lines. This team, along with the use of Shuttleworth's new Smart Bindery products, can help companies solve numerous fundamental and complex bindery issues increasing line throughput by 15-20%, reducing costs and improving safety and ergonomics by utilizing Shuttleworth's Smart space-saving solutions.

The Bindery Review Team consists of individuals with more than 100 years of combined experience solving bindery problems. After analyzing a line, the Bindery Review Team will meet with key personnel to present:

  • Recommendations to enhance binding lines using Shuttleworth products
  • A predicted bottom line value after making the recommended improvements
  • An estimate of capital investment and the expected return on investment

Shuttleworth is confident in this service's ability to lead to measurable improvements. While there is no monetary cost, their team will need access to key personnel to devise a strategy to optimize a company's binding operations and implement using Shuttleworth's new package of Smart Bindery Products.

The following is a list of Shuttleworth's Smart Bindery products and their benefits:

  • Product Benefits
  • Slip-Torgue Conveyor Increased throughput
  • Smart Laydown Less glue build-up and lower maintenance
  • Smart Turns Space savings and increased throughput
  • Smart Drying Conveyor Improved air flow for drying, Low maintenance
  • Smart Diverters Reduced maintenance and Simplicity
  • Smart Buffer Improved throughput (15-20%), Better ergonomics, Reduced spoilage, low line pressure, Low maintenance
  • Smart Stackers Reduced maintenance and Simplicity
  • Smart Cartoners Automatic or Semi-automatic, Improved ergonomics, Can be designed to manual palletizing
  • SmartFeeds Consistent product spacing which provides Increased throughput and Cost savings
  • Star Roller
  • Eliminates shingling and bottom sheet damage

Complete Layout Flexibility is available using Shuttleworth Smart Bindery Products.

As a leader in product handling for in-process manufacturing conveying solutions, Shuttleworth engineers and manufactures conveyors for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, paper conversion, printing and binding, automotive component, powdered metal and electronics industries. Cleanroom and ESD control are areas where Shuttleworth conveyor technology establishes the benchmark. All Shuttleworth conveyor systems can be custom-built to meet individual process needs using proven Shuttleworth standard components and devices.