Laned Accumulation

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Laned accumulation and buffering solutions can be as varied as the application, but Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque surface allows us to be truly unique. Due to the Slip-Torque principle, we are able to design single and multiple lanes of low back pressure product accumulation and buffering on a single conveyor bed with a single drive. Not only are multiple lanes possible, but each lane will act independently with the incorporation of product stops and brakes.

With the use of an additional drive, Shuttleworth can design multi directional conveyor accumulation solutions in a serpentine or infinity conveyor configuration.

Available in both anodized aluminum frames and sanitary heavy washdown stainless steel conveyor designs, the flexibility in design matched with our low back pressure surface ensures your product integrity is maintained during your buffering process. We can also complete your accumulation or buffering process by providing solutions to merge your products to a single lane for the next manufacturing or packaging process.

Features / Benefits
  • Low back pressure product accumulation ensures product integrity
  • Single conveyor bed and drive lowers total solution cost of mulit-lane applications
  • Enhances product flow between operations
  • Available in both aluminum and heavy washdown stainless conveyor designs
  • Buffering allows the absorption of machine micro-stops on a product line, creating a more consistent line operation
  • Accommodates round, square, rectangular, or tapered product footprints
  • Minimizes downtime by absorbing machine stops
  • Gentle product handling