Corners & Curves

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Maintaining product orientation and speed throughout turns in your production line is imperative to achieving both gentle product handling and efficiency. Using corners and curves within your conveyor system design, you also benefit by saving floor space by conveying both single and multi-lanes.

Depending on product and application needs, we offer three distinct styles for conveyor curves and turns. Tight-radius conveyor turns feature our unique Slip-Torque® roller surface and offer a much smaller machine footprint. Our Tapered roller conveyor turns feature are designed for larger products that are unable to fit our standard tight radius corners and feature surface-wide tapered rollers slip-fitted to driven shafts. If you need to maintain product orientation and spacing, we offer the ZT (zero-tangent) conveyor curve.

Features / Benefits
  • Variety of corner and curve designs designs to accommodate a range of environments and applications
  • Maintain product orientation through entire corner
  • Aluminum and Sanitary Stainless designs available
Tight Radius Corner Turn Curve

Tight-radius corners provide stability and safe handling, ensuring your products remain safe

and intact throughout a turn cycle all while utilizing a much smaller machine footprint. Powered Diagonal-less and Diagonal Corners are designed to maintain product orientation and speed through 45 degree and 90 degree turns. The small turning radius without dead plates saves valuable floor space. Powered 90-degree corners can convey single or multiple lanes of product. Bi-directional corners can simultaneously convey single or multiple lanes of product. Line pressure is fine tuned to meet specific product handling requirements through corners. Shuttleworth offers tight-radius corners in both aluminum and sanitary stainless-steel designs.

Tapered Roller Turn Corners and Curves

Designed for larger products that are unable to fit through a tight radius corner, the tapered roller corners employ a tapered, slip-fit plain carbon steel with zinc plating tube rollers to maintain product orientation as it is transported through a 90° turn. The close pitch roller surface can handle small products gently and safely.

Zero Tangent Curve and Corner

The Zero tangent radius belt is designed specifically for curved conveyance, free of straight sections, maximizing all available space. Features Intralox’s 2100 series flat top surface which is smooth, close top surface that can handle a variety of package sizes, types, and configurations, including delicate products (e.g., packages immediately exiting from a shrink wrapper). Not available for wash down environments.