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From paper sheets to paper plates, maintain product integrity with our automated solutions.

Handling paper products is our expertise at Shuttleworth. From masking tape rolls to paper plates or board games, our knowledgeable design team can flip, stack, sort and rotate your products to best fit your manufacturing processes. Shuttleworth has extensive knowledge and experience in creating a wide variety of product handling systems to ensure the paper handling conversion industry has the proper conveyor for its products.

Shuttleworth's Star Roller consists of a roller surface specifically designed to eliminate shingling of the bottom-most layers of paper when stacks are transported or accumulated on our Slip-Torque conveyors. This allows for flawless accumulation as it reduces product damage and enhances greater productivity.

To better control your paper products throughout the manufacturing process, blade stops and brakes are also available from Shuttleworth. Customized product stops allow you to stop and start product traffic without stopping and starting conveyor motors - contributing to efficiencies within your facility. When your paper handling conversion products are on a custom-designed Shuttleworth conveyor, you can be assured they are handled with care and efficiency from start to finish.

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