Dynamic Accumulation

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DASH from Shuttleworth® offers dynamic, continuous motion accumulation – resulting in increased throughput and enhanced line efficiencies. The versatile DASH delivers high-speed, low back pressure buffering - allowing for gentle product handling and precise product placement on the conveyor while continuing to take product flow from an upstream line for a period of time.

DASH systems can absorb surge or gap irregularities in the production flow and even the rate of product discharge to provide a smooth, even flow on the line. A servo controlled guide provides efficient lane changing of incoming product, eliminating product backlog at point of entry.

Scalable design options allows throughput capacity to be rapidly and cost-effectively adjusted as needed for flexible product flow in achieving maximum throughput capacity during operations.

  • Dynamic, on-demand accumulation
  • Gentle product handling
  • FIFO – First in, First out accumulation
  • Enhances product flow between operations
  • Low back pressure accumulation ensures product integrity
  • Minimizes downtime by absorbing machine stops
  • Reliable solution requiring low maintenance
  • Accommodates round, square or rectangular products