Flex-E-Pack Case Packing System NEW

The Flex-E-Pack is the ultimate complete packaging system allowing for a single integrated system to handle all your case forming, packing and sealing needs. This type of solution is perfect for customers looking to automate their packaging lines beyond semi-automatic machinery, providing an easy, fast, compact and ergonomic solution. The Flex-E-Pack system can be designed for one or two operators to maximize your case forming, packing and sealing needs.

Each section of the system can be customized or upgraded to your needs, ensuring that this is the right solution for you. This compact, “plug and play” system can fit in most operations and can handle a wide variety of case sizes. The product delivery conveyor can be customized based on your product and application to maximize product throughput.

Features / Benefits:
  • Provides a simple and easy complete secondary packaging solution no matter your case forming or sealing needs.
  • Allows 1 (or 2) operators to perform case forming, packing and sealing functions quickly and efficiently.
  • Compact integrated design.
  • Ergonomic design to promote easy and simple operator movement without leaning or bending.
  • Customizable product delivery conveyor available with a variety of integrated devices to stack, orient, or transport your product correctly prior to packing.

WEXXAR WF20T: Available in right and left hand configurations, the WF20T provides consistent case forming at up to 20 cases per minute. Perfect for companies starting to fully automate their packaging lines while providing capacity to grow in the future. Product Page

DEKKA 500-US: Availabele in right and left hand configurations, the DEKKA 500-US is a heavy duty fully automatic case erector developed for the entry level market. Ideal for customers looking to upgrade to automatic machinery, the DEKKA 500-US is able to reach speeds of up to 10 cases per minute, perfect for light manufacturers operating a low-speed automated packaging line. Product Page

Mounted between the erector and sealer, the Shuttleworth case conveyor’s surface utilizes a Coarse Pitch roller surface in conjunction with Shuttleworth’s proprietary Slip-Torque® roller technology and in-surface mounted product blade stops. The Slip-Torque surface gently transports cases and products without scuffing or crushing and is safe to touch for operators. The Shuttleworth case conveyor is rated to handle weights up to 80lbs. per square foot.

WEXXAR BEL250T: A fully automatic, heavy duty tape sealer for uniform cases. It’s innovative design emphasizes safety, simple operation and rugged construction all contained within a compact machine footprint. Signature snap folders dynamically fold all the top flaps automatically without the use of dangerous rear flap kicking arms. Product Page

WEXXAR BEL252T: A fully automatic uniform case taper that offers high performance, and significant value. With an ultra-compact design, the versatile BEL 252 is able to fit in most applications. Product Page

STANDARD PLASTIC CHAIN: Extruded aluminum frame with plastic chain for simple and cost effective product transportation.

SHUTTLEWORTH SLIP-TORQUE®: If product and packaging integrity is a must while providing ergonomic and operator safe design, then look no further than Shuttleworth. Our
Slip-Torque surface utilizes slip fit rollers on driven shafts to gently transport and accumulate product. If you need to orient, stack, lane or combine products, allow us integrate your product conveyor with our suite of custom product handling devices to provide your operators with the most efficient and ergonomic product presentation prior to case packing. See Application options.