Buffering & Accumulation Equipment

Whether you're accumulating or buffering food trays, glass jars, paper plates or heavy machined parts; our gentle, low back pressure product accumulation and buffering systems are our specialty. From laned or mass accumulation to non-contact and vertical buffering, our accumulation and buffering conveyors and systems handle your products delicately utilizing low line pressure from our Slip-Torque roller surface and zone control capabilities.

The rollers making up our Slip-Torque surface stop underneath products as they accumulate, preventing damage and crushing typically seen with other types of conveyor surfaces. With offer over 65 roller materials and countless surface configurations, we can design your conveyor surface to your product to allow for the most efficient and gentle handling for your product.

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A scalable and configurable buffering product buffering cell featuring Dynamic Accumulation by Shuttleworth

Express conveyor units feature our Slip-Torque surface and offer a substantial savings and shorter lead time over custom designed systems.

Single or multiple laned accumulation and buffering on a single conveyor.

Slip-Torque® and mass product buffering...you're welcome.

Have a limited facility footprint and can't expand the line out? Go up.