Empty Case Labeling Conveyor NEW

Designed to streamline your labeling process, the Shuttleworth Empty Case Labeling Conveyor (EC-Conveyor) offers unparalleled versatility for front, side, and corner wrap labeling of empty cases. Seamlessly integrating with your label applicator, EC-Conveyor ensures precise alignment and smooth conveyance, eliminating any potential disruptions during the labeling operation.

Catering to case widths ranging from 5.75 to 16 inches, EC-Conveyor’s v-guided belt provides a reliable grip on empty cases, firmly securing them against our Shuttleworth roller guide for stable transportation through the labeling station. Equipped with pre-tapped holes for sensor mounts, standard VFD, and a compact design, EC-Conveyor adapts seamlessly to both new and existing empty case labeling setups, offering a flexible solution tailored to your specific needs.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision in your labeling processes with EC-Conveyor—a testament to innovation and reliability of the Shuttleworth handling solutions family.

Features / Benefits:
  • V-Guided belt and roller guide securely transports your case through the labeling process preventing misalignment from pressure or contact from the labeler
  • Hand wheel offers precise and center justified width adjustment for empty case labeling from 5.75 to 16 inches
  • Visual width indicator lets you adjust to the perfect width without measuring
  • Compact design easily integrates with new or existing empty case labeling applications
  • Standard VFD for belt speed adjustment
  • Left and right hand configurations available
  • Customization Available