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Greater speed and precision for sensitive electronic components

Shuttleworth encompasses a long history of conveying and accumulating PCBs, flat glass, disk drives, engine control modules, radios and many other electronic components and assemblies. Whether you're looking to transport electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive materials within ultra clean environments or require flexible packaging machinery, we can meet your electronics requirements with confidence.

We understand the importance of having a clean, sanitary environment. From the smallest components to large products, keeping your electronics parts and products clean during manufacturing is a priority. Shuttleworth offers the Clean Passage system which enables any point to any point routing of work-in process in flat panel display and semiconductor fabs. This system is placed in a mini-environment suspended above the ceiling of both clean and dirty areas of the fab transport system. With a clean environment, all of your electronics products are kept safe.

The roller surfaces used in Shuttleworth electronics conveyors are designed to keep electronic products safe. Our fine pitch rollers are ideal for smaller, less stable products. Shuttleworth also offers a variety of specialty rollers including double-wide thermoplastic rollers, combination rubber rollers, and more. View a sampling of our electronics applications below.

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