Engineered Conveyor Solutions

Shuttleworth's engineered conveyor solutions combines our proven devices and options with our extraordinary Slip-Torque conveyor surface to provide you with a gentle and reliable custom product handling solution to optimize your manufacturing line. This isn't something you can get out of a catalogue, this is built specifically for your product and process.

Discover our capabilities and explore how Shuttleworth can improve your efficiencies and maximize your profitability to help keep you moving forward or you can contact a Shuttleworth representative to find your ideal solution today.

Shuttleworth's Empty Case Labeling Conveyor stabilizes empty cases during labeling.

Semi-automatic, modular system to handle all your case forming, packing and sealing needs.

A scalable and configurable buffering product buffering cell featuring Dynamic Accumulation by Shuttleworth

Gentle product laning and diverting has never been simpler.

We make it easy to single file or combine multiple lanes into a single lane with our custom combiners.

Need to space out your product for machine feeding, line control or robot picking? No problem.

Discover how Shuttleworth puts your products where they need to be with our rotating and orienting capabilities

Sort and reject products based on quality, UPC, and more with our product sorting and rejecting solutions

From down-stacking and up-stacking to de-stacking, our stacking devices and capabilities help optimize your line processes.

Our low back pressure surface, custom devices, precise positioning and pattern forming capabilities is the perfect storm for your Robotic application.

Let Shuttleworth design a special device unique to your specific product application.