ARCO Weighmaster - MC NEW

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Efficient & Accurate Check Weighing

Suitable for processing up to 60 punnets per minute with a single operator, the Weighmaster-MC is divided into two lanes, each with three independent weighing belts. Punnets underweight, target weight, and overweight are placed on the weighing belts at random. As soon as a punnet is corrected to the target weight range, the punnet is automatically transported towards the next station in the packaging line. Tills with underweight and overweight product are manually corrected by the operator.

On each weighing belt, an easy-to-read LED light bar indicates how much a punnet is under or overweight. The operator sees immediately whether a large or small product needs to be removed or added to reach the desired weight. By weighing products this way, the weight per punnet is more stable and the loss due to overweight is lower while reducing human error.

Features / Benefits:
  • Capacity up to 60 punnets per minute
  • Less loss due to overweight
  • User-friendly operations
  • Less human errors
  • Low investment
  • Integrates with existing lines
  • Multiple recipe structure
  • Ideal for mushrooms and soft fruits
  • Gentle low line pressure handling
  • Proven weighing technology
  • Footprint

    134.4" x 28.6"

  • Rate

    Up to 60 products per minute

  • Lanes


  • Recipe

    1.76 - 35 ounces (50-1000 grams) (Multiple Recipe Capable)

  • Display

    12" HMI

  • Power

    208V, 3PH, 15 A

  • Air

    80-90 psi, 5 CFM

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