Conveyor Gates

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Gates are hinged sections of Slip-Torque® conveyor that can easily be lifted, pivoted or slid open by workers for both routine access to and from work areas as well as for emergency escape. Offered in 1.5- meter standard lengths, gates employ a gas cylinder lift assist and sensors that automatically shut down that section of conveyor.

Gates enable optimal use of manufacturing plant space. Saving floor space without sacrificing conveying technologies, this device ensures increased production rates and precision in each use. Your products will remain safe and sound during each conveying experience. The lift gate flows well with the conveyors and provides for quality production.

Beneficial to your production room, the lift gate doesn’t only conserve space, but it runs flawlessly. When you’re looking for a solution for your smaller production room, this is the perfect option. It utilizes square footage in the most effective ways while giving you the extra conveying space needed.

Features / Benefits
  • Provides access for maintenance and safety protocols
  • Lift and movement assist devices allow easy of maneuverability
  • Safety locks and devices prevent potential machine and operator injury