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Shuttleworth understands the unique, ever-changing challenges of the automotive industry. Conveyor technologies for the automotive industry are designed to provide innovative, efficient, and reliable products. Our extensive experience in designing automotive parts applications utilizing our revolutionary Slip-Torque technology combined with devices and special options offers product handling with precision control to gently handle your most fragile parts. And, our low line pressure accumulators are the perfect solution when conveying multiple products in multiple lanes - ensuring further minimization of product damage.

Benefits of Shuttleworth's automated solutions for your production line include:

  • Gentle product handling
  • Reduced downtime
  • Optimized labor and increased efficiency
  • Minimized changeover time
  • Increased quality of your most fragile parts

We've designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of gentle handling solutions for automotive part applications such as catalytic converters, engine control modules, parts and powdered metals. From efficiency in your manufacturing process to its accuracy, Shuttleworth can design a system to keep your automotive products safe and secure. Our Heavy Duty conveyor provides automotive products with dependable and safe processing.

A variety of roller surfaces are also available from Shuttleworth to increase efficiency in moving your delicate products through the line. With over 70 different roller materials developed, Shuttleworth specializes in conveying automotive parts in harsh environments.

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