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Shuttleworth offers a line of stacking devices to meet the diverse challenges when it comes to product stacking within the line. When your production line needs quick, efficient devices to move, transport, organize, and stack your products, Shuttleworth has a variety of options.


Shuttleworth's uniquely designed de-stacking device was created to easily and carefully remove a product from a stack without disrupting the stacked products. It takes away from the bottom of the stack to keep your stack nice and neat and ready for shipment. Other products may require containment of the stack and the shearing away of the bottom product by a product pusher, puller, flight bar, or stripping pins or lugs for example.


With Shuttleworth, down-stacking is accomplished by using a unique combination of conveyors and devices. Our down-stacking device can gently place products into the stack orientation needed without jeopardizing the product integrity - keeping product stacks in a concise, organized manner. This unique solution keeps your products safe and secure throughout the each stage of processing. When conveying, it’s important to ensure products arrive safely at their predetermined destination.


The automated up-stacking device is designed to gently stack products vertically in preparation for case packing, shrink or stretch wrapping and cartoning applications. Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque technology enables the machine to gently stack a wide variety of products at various speeds and rates, depending on the application. The up-stacker is ideal for organizing product for manual pack off or more concentrated accumulation and flexibility in design allows for multiple size products and quick changeovers.