Laning & Diverting

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Moving round or odd-shaped products from a single lane to multiple lanes is easily accomplished with Shuttleworth's expert technology.

Shuttleworth has created a line of diverters, diverting conveyors, and dividing conveyors to move round or odd-shaped products from a single lane to multiple lanes. Diverting conveyors from Shuttleworth include a pattern forming machine to sort products from to one lane to multiple lanes or the dividers to automatically divide products from one in-feed lane to up to 31 lanes.

Able to pattern form or divide products sequentially, the diverting conveyor is designed to perform sequential pattern forming, dividing, and line balancing. With Shuttleworth’s dividers, your products are safely distributed to their proper location. To ensure product security and accuracy, the diverters are controlled by programmable logic controllers or external controlling devices. When your product shapes are round or odd-shaped, the diverting conveyor is able to use diverting technology to get your products on the right path in the most efficient manner.

The diverting conveyor ensures product quality and accuracy. When your products need the proper diverting or dividing within your line, Shuttleworth dividers are the perfect solution.