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Solar Panel Buffering

Gentle handling for solar panels and EV batteries

Shuttleworth has a long history of conveying and accumulating printed circuit boards (PCB), flat glass, solar, and other large, flat panels. The Slip-Torque® roller surface can be configured to convey flat sheets of glass typically used in the manufacture of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and flat panel displays.

Our solar energy and panel conveyor systems are designed to integrate with robotics and other automation equipment. A multitude of custom devices and mechanisms are available to gently stop, buffer, transfer, rotate or lift glass panels. We lead the industry with standard conveyors to ISO Class 6 and a special conveyor for clean environments to ISO Class 3.

Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque® system design allows for smooth product transporting and gentle accumulation without marking or scratching the flat sheets of glass typically used in the manufacturing of solar panel modules. Each system can easily be designed to interface seamlessly with robotics and other automation equipment.

Choose from specialty devices such as the Vertical Lift Buffer, Lift & Rotate with Glass Panel, Flat Glass Mirror Inspection Station, Auto Adjusting Zones, and Glass Panels with Lift Gate. Each option ensuring safe conveying of delicate and unique glass panels.

With hundreds of Class 1 - 1000 clean applications worldwide, Shuttleworth understands your clean environment requirements. Continuous research and design into materials ensures we provide the best components for our cleanroom conveyor systems. Many of our patented electrostatic discharge (ESD) plastic components are molded in-house utilizing our own proprietary formulas to maintain quality control.

Our automated solutions for the photovoltaic solar industry also include a variety of custom devices and mechanisms which can be easily integrated into the conveyor surface to stop, transfer, rotate or raise panels for inspection.

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