Conveyor Devices & Options

Shuttleworth offers a wide array of specialty devices and options for a variety of application needs. Our unique Slip-Torque surface allows for many devices to be mounted below or within the surface, reducing the overall system footprint. From transfers to product brakes, pushers to controls, we have the expertise to determine the best device and options to meet your specific product or material handling application.

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See how Shuttleworth can help with on-demand starting and stopping of product flow.

Learn more about our turnkey electrical control systems.

Discover how lift, swing and slide gates can enable optimal use of manufacturing plant space.

Shuttleworth offers tight radius corners, tapered roller turns and zero-tangent curve conveyors to maintain your product orientation.

Products naturally travel linearly on our surface, but sometimes you need to guide them.

Learn more about how our product pusher device used to push product perpendicularly from one conveyor traffic lane to another.

Transfer devices provides accurate product transfer at a 90-degree angle.

Let Shuttleworth design a special device unique to your specific product application.