Conveying products in the medical and pharmaceutical industry requires precision and control. With the variety of products within this industry, having proper conveying equipment is essential. Let Shuttleworth's experience and unique solutions in the medical and pharmaceutical markets improve your processes and reduce costs. Our solutions have handled syringes, IV bags, pill bottles, surgical scrubs, contact lenses, surgical kits, birth control devices, pill packages, medicated patches, implants, catheters, bandages and more.

Shuttleworth’s healthcare conveyor systems provide medical and pharmaceutical products with dependable and safe processing. Available with either standard or coarse pitch rollers, whatever your products require, we can design a product handling conveyor system to meet your needs. The Shuttleworth cleanroom conveyors ensure non-contamination of the cleanroom using a pass-through “interlock” box that opens for product entry, but only when access doors to the cleanroom are closed, preventing air escape.

To ensure that your conveyor is working at high efficiency, Shuttleworth offers controls ranging from unwired simple drive motors and sensors to turnkey electrical control systems. If you are in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, you know that precision is key. The controls from Shuttleworth comply with individual customer electrical specifications including hardware, software structure, and wiring practices.