Sorting Solution for Packaging Tea Cartons

The global health and wellness economy is a $3.7 trillion industry and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Consumers are
prioritizing the importance of maintaining both their physical and mental well-being. Health-focused consumers are more conscience than ever of the foods and beverages they purchase, gravitating towards products embedded with various health benefits, especially those marketed with a specific functionality.

Because of the rapid growth in the health and wellness industry, Traditional Medicinals continues to see a 17-18% yearly sales growth. Its well-known brands such as Nighty-Night®, Mother’s Milk®, Ginger Aid®, Smooth Move®, and Chamomile with Lavender® are carried by more than 70,000 retailers throughout the United States and Canada. This growth necessitated an automated solution to streamline product throughput in their end-of-line packaging process, which before was a very manual process.

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