Shuttleworth Showcases Machine Vision Solutions at Pack Expo 2012

Oct 19, 2012

Huntington, IN ― Shuttleworth, powered by ProMach, presents at Pack Expo 2012 machine vision solutions that simplify packaging and assembly processes, maximize inspection capabilities, improve product quality, and boost overall manufacturing efficiencies. Come see these vision solutions at the Shuttleworth Pack Expo Booth # N-4010.

Shuttleworth emphasizes the power of simulation and system testing conducted during the design process to enable faster start up and more worry-free operation. Simulations allow testing of multiple systems to find the optimum hardware, software, and data communication combination that best supports the application and overall enterprise requirements.

This Shuttleworth process helps to ensure projects come in on time and within budget. Simulation and testing also help to ensure that systems are not over- or under-designed, which is a key consideration in budgeting and ultimately to system performance, usability, and flexibility.

Shuttleworth vision systems are applied to one or more of the following:

  • Inspection
  • Measurement
  • Kit verification
  • Product counting
  • Sorting
  • Product locating
  • Barcode/OCR reading

“Shuttleworth’s strength in this area is the successful integration of product handling and conveyor solutions with state-of-the-art vision systems,” said Greg Stroud, Director of Engineering. “Shuttleworth has access to the best vision technology in the world, and the company matches that technology to the total product handling requirement. Customers find Shuttleworth’s 360-degree approach to the design and integration of vision to be highly valuable.”

For more information on Shuttleworth’s comprehensive approach to the integration of vision systems into product handling and conveyor solutions, contact the company: 260-359-8500,,

About Shuttleworth

From automotive and electronics, to paper conversion and pharmaceuticals, to food and personal care markets and beyond, Shuttleworth builds custom handling solutions with low back pressure ingenuity to gently transport product along the production line while accumulating, diverting, sorting, rotating, stacking or moving product in a variety of other ways in the process. Shuttleworth utilizes engineering creativity and a suite of roller surface technologies to help customers around the globe maximize their efficiency no matter the application need or product being handled. Shuttleworth is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Handling & Sterilizing business line, Shuttleworth helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Shuttleworth at and more about ProMach at

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