Stacking Conveyors & Sorting Conveyor Equipment from Shuttleworth

May 03, 2012

Shuttleworth specializes in material handling conveyor solutions. Designed to accumulate, position, stack, orient, flip, reject, rotate, push, index, or divert, your stacking conveyors can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

Stacking conveyors have an array of abilities to ensure that customers experience a precise manufacturing or packaging process. Available for several industries, the stacking conveyors keep products in mint condition throughout each stage of manufacturing. If you need a stacking conveyor for your products, Shuttleworth has the perfect solution. The variety of stacking conveyors available are designed with durability and reliability in mind.

The Up-Stacker is an automatic stacking conveyor with the ability to vertically stack products. When your manufacturing needs include the use of stacking conveyors or sorting conveyors, Shuttleworth has a variety of products. The Up-Stack uses Slip-Torque technology to enable the machine to gently stack products at the designated speed and rate. The stacking conveyors can be customized to meet specifications and product requirements.

Ideal for organizing products for manual pack off or more concentrated accumulation, this system is dependable for a variety of environments. As a latest addition to the stacking conveyor line, it is suitable for products in the automotive, electronics, food, and paper industries.

The stacking conveyors from Shuttleworth have a broad range of automation. From the conveyor technologies to the devices and special options, you’ll find that each product creates an organized means of conveying. The Paper Conversion is a stacking conveyor designed to handle paper products. With the ability to stack products to best fit your processes, you’ll find that the Paper Conversion uses intricate machinery to exactly fit the needs of the paper industry.

Serving such a wide variety of industries, Shuttleworth creates stacking conveyors to fit diverse product needs. The vertical stacking and sorting conveyors use fully integrated, multiple-positioning to raise or lower products between conveyor elevations. When your industry requires a vertical conveyor with stacking capabilities, Shuttleworth has the perfect solution. Find a stacking conveyor to meet the specifications of your industry and enjoy long lasting, quality machinery.

There are several stacking conveyors designed with stacking, indexing, pushing, rotating, and many more functions. Whether your products require delicate, fragile, or heavy duty application, there is a stacking conveying available from Shuttleworth.

The Heavy Duty Stacking conveyor provides your products with dependable and safe processing. Available with either standard or coarse pitch rollers, you’ll notice on all Shuttleworth stacking conveyors customization is fundamental to its creation. Design a stacking conveyor or sorting conveyor that specifically meets the needs of your industry.

Shuttleworth truly understands the unique challenges of each industry and works to deliver high-value product handling solutions. Allow the team of experienced sales, application, mechanical, electrical, and control engineers meet your needs. The stacking conveyors are available to provide your company with precision and speed for a productive manufacturing process. Enjoy ease of use, safety, security, and reliability with use of the machinery from Shuttleworth. Choose between a standard unit or work with the project managers to customize a flawless stacking conveyor for your needs.

About Shuttleworth

From automotive and electronics, to paper conversion and pharmaceuticals, to food and personal care markets and beyond, Shuttleworth builds custom handling solutions with low back pressure ingenuity to gently transport product along the production line while accumulating, diverting, sorting, rotating, stacking or moving product in a variety of other ways in the process. Shuttleworth utilizes engineering creativity and a suite of roller surface technologies to help customers around the globe maximize their efficiency no matter the application need or product being handled. Shuttleworth is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Handling & Sterilizing business line, Shuttleworth helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Shuttleworth at and more about ProMach at

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