Sorting & Rejecting Conveyor Solutions

Across a variety of industries and spanning countless applications, Shuttleworth has been solving product and material handling challenges since 1962. Throughout this time, we have amassed a library of well over 2000 videos showcasing our solutions and their proven results. If you don’t see a particular solution represented here, please contact us to see even more capabilities.

See our product sorting and rejecting conveyor capabilities.

Check weighing and feeding trays of bread sticks

Operator inspects glass panel with device lift assistance

See Shuttleworth flexibility with product handling in regards to product sorting and rejecting.

Multi-lane conveyor scanning and sorting 8 different UPCs of product into its own lane to prepare for case packing.

Carton orienting, bar code inspecting and rejecting.

Inspecting and sorting packaged food cups prior to laning for case packing.

Loose single rowing wet wipe canisters then rejecting fallen product.