Conveyor System Spotlights

The System Spotlight series features our unique handling capabilities while showcasing a different customer supplied solution in every video.

Across a variety of industries and spanning countless applications, Shuttleworth has been solving product and material handling challenges since 1962. Throughout this time, we have amassed a library of well over 2000 videos showcasing our solutions and their proven results. If you don’t see a particular solution represented here, please contact us to see even more capabilities.

Check weighing and feeding trays of bread sticks

Vertical flipping automotive parts before diverting

See how we gently accumulate and combine lanes of packaged wet wipes

Laning cartons of oatmeal to three lanes for case packing

Operator inspects glass panel with device lift assistance

Gently handling stacks of paper plates in multiple lanes to a single lane to feed a shrink wrapper.

Multi-lane conveyor scanning and sorting 8 different UPCs of product into its own lane to prepare for case packing.

Rotating, orienting, laning and pattern forming small boxes for a robotic case packer.

Solution featuring a case forming, case packing and sealing integrated system for the food industry.

A solution orienting, transporting, and squaring loose paper stacks.

A high-speed diverting and laning device for unwrapped stacks of wet wipes.

A solution featuring several custom devices and applications to single row juice boxes from a case.

Accumulating, single rowing, and conveying rolls of masking tape.

Single rowing, accumulating, transporting and de-jamming paint cans.

Transporting, feeding and metering cardboard stacks into a customer supplied trimmer.

Carton orienting, bar code inspecting and rejecting.

Merging, transporting and metering machine automotive parts.

Transporting accumulating, merging and laning frozen pancake stack packages.

Transporting, rotating, and laning trays of corn.

Accumulating, buffering, laning, merging and feeding multiple lanes of wrapped graham crackers.

Accumulating, merging, and feeding multiple lanes of sealed food trays

Accumulating, single rowing, and laning cheese cups. Features a reversible surface to prevent jamming.

Justifying and indexing cases for label application.

Accumulating and pattern forming rolls of masking tape for robotic pick case packing.

Transporting, rotating and feeding butter cartons for multi-pack wrapping.

Conveying and metering loose stacks of greeting cards.

Mass zoned buffering and single rowing of oil filter components.

Conveying and stacking wrapped paper plate stacks for manual or automatic case packing.

Laning and Diverting corrugated trays from one lane to three.

Conveying, flipping and transferring un-trimmed books.

Inspecting and sorting packaged food cups prior to laning for case packing.

Laning un-wrapped stacks of wet wipes and merging packaged wet wipes for case packing.

Conveying, transferring and indexing loose stacks of card stock. This system features our Star Roller surface and in-surface lift and transfer device.

Merging to a single lane and feeding multi-packs of butter cartons for shrink wrapper.

Laning and merging packaged wet wipes prior to case packing.

In-surface lift and rotate and positioning empty case for robotic pick.

Loose single rowing wet wipe canisters then rejecting fallen product.

Mass accumulating and single rowing rolls of paper. This system features a reversible surface to prevent product jamming.

Orienting and single rowing rounded frozen food trays using speed changes and chicane rails.

Metering, merging and shingling lanes of frozen Pizza Crusts.

Transporting laning, accumulating and metering frozen waffle packages.