Feeding and Metering stacks of cardboard into Trimmer - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to automate the transportation of cardboard stacks to and from an inline trimmer. Stacks of cardboard enter the system from an existing customer stacker. In-surface sensors detect a stack of product as it approaches a corner. When detected, a pneumatic blade stop lowers to allow the product into the intersection. A pneumatic pusher then pushes the stack onto the adjoining conveyor to continue down the line. The specially made tube rollers that make up the conveyor surface allows the stack to be easily transferred from one conveyor to the next without damaging the bottom of the stack. As the stack approaches the trimming station, a pneumatic blade stop meters and indexes each stack into the station. A pneumatic pusher then pushes the stack into the trimming machine. The customer supplied trimmer was modified by Shuttleworth so seamless integration could be achieved during the process. When trimming is completed, another pusher moves the stack out of the trimmer and is then released to an accumulation zone before reaching the next station.