Rotating and Feeding Multi-Packs of Butter - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, accumulate, and index multi-pack butter cartons for a wash-down environment. Products enter the system with the narrow dimension leading. Each product is rotated ninety degrees clockwise with a servo rotator. Once the products rotated, they proceed to a product stop with the wide dimension leading and begin to accumulate in preparation for indexing. A Shuttleworth Multi-packer Smartfeed® provides an interface to synchronize the release of a pattern of multiple products to a belted in-feed wrapper. Side mounted sensors detect when enough product is accumulated to begin the indexing process. With a signal from the customer’s supplied wrapper downstream, an overhead brake will lower to release a pattern of multiple products. A sheet feeder forms the “l” card and deposits the card on to an overhead shelf. The leading product will contact the card and pull it onto the pattern as the pattern of product conveys forward. Once the pattern of product clears the “product present” sensors at the product stop, the brake will raise and releasing another pattern of product while the card is formed at the sheet feeder and repeat the cycle.