Integrated Case Forming and Manual Case Packing - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to form, seal, and transport an empty carton to an operator for packing ice cream variety packs. Carton blanks are loaded onto the infeed of a Wexxar automatic case former. The cartons are formed and the bottom flaps automatically sealed before discharging onto a Shuttleworth low line pressure conveyor. The empty cartons travel around a 90 degree turn and accumulate at the end of a Kleenline matte top conveyor. Three varieties of ice cream snacks are feed into three separate lanes on the Kleenline matte top conveyor which are accumulated toward the operator. A call button is provided for the operator. When pushed, cartons from the accumulation lane are moved into an area that allows the operator to easily pick-up one box of each type of ice cream and place it into the variety pack carton. After the variety packs are loaded, they travel to a Wexxar bel case sealer before being manually palletized. Shuttleworth integrated the entire system including a Wexxar carton erector, Kleenline matte top conveyor, Wexxar bel case sealer and the Shuttleworth Slip-Torque® conveyor.