Mass Accumulating Oil Filter Components - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted transport, accumulate, and single row oil filter elements at a rate of 120 products per minute. Products enter the system from a curing oven in multiple rows on special high temperature rollers created by Shuttleworth. The products continue to the accumulation zone, which can accumulate 1800 products or about 15 minutes of production rate. Shuttleworth’s Slip-Torque® technology is used to minimize back pressure on the accumulated products, ensuring product quality is maintained. The accumulation area consists of zones to further minimize the pressure on the accumulated product. The Shuttleworth system will receive a signal from the element inserter to determine if the system needs to accumulate. If accumulation is needed, the drive on a portion of the accumulation area will shut off. When products reach that area, the products will stop and begin to accumulate. Sensors throughout the system will detect when a corresponding zone reaches capacity and subsequently shut off. An ‘on’ signal from the inserter will override the shut off sensors and put the system in running mode. The drives will start and send the products to the single rowing zone. The single rowing zone will take the mass accumulated product and single row them using a series of speed changes and chicane guides presenting a single lane of product to the element inserter.