Conveying, Transferring and Metering Loose Stacks of Card Stock - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, accumulate, index, and transfer stacks of card stock at a rate of 2.1 stacks per minute. Shuttleworth’s star rollers were used on this system to allow low back pressure accumulation while maintaining stack integrity by minimizing the amount of shingling that occurs when standard rollers are used. An operator will load the stacks of card stock onto the system and the stack will travel to a blade stop for accumulation. When stacks accumulate to the high-level sensor, a pneumatic side clamp will activate, and the blade stop will drop releasing a single stack at a time to the transfer device. Once the stack reaches a fixed backstop, the in-surface pneumatic lift and transfer device activates and lifts the stack of card stock to the adjacent conveyor. With the lift and transfer device, the stacks are seamlessly indexed and metered as they continue downstream.