Rotating and Laning Trays of Corn - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, accumulate, orient and divide Styrofoam trays of sweet corn to three separate customer supplied wrappers. The system uses our Easy Clean™ 1000 conveyer designed for a heavy wash-down environment and was built to handle 8 pack and 4 pack trays. Conveyed one size at a time, the included HMI declares which product is being conveyed and to which wrappers. 8 pack trays of corn enter the system from the tray loader with the narrow edge leading and 4 pack trays enter the system with the wide edge leading. 8 pack trays are rotated 90 degrees using a servo rotator. The rotator is manually moved to the overhead position for the 4 pack trays to convey across. The trays are then conveyed on an incline to elevate the trays in preparation for diverting. Servo gates are provided on 2 sections while a decline is provided on the third section to evenly divide the trays onto 3 outfeed units to the customer supplied wrappers. Each section has a high-level sensor to allow accumulation of product within each section in the instance a wrapper is unavailable to accept product. If all sections of the system have a blocked high-level sensor, a signal is sent to stop the tray loader.