Orienting and Flipping Un-Trimmed Books - System Spotlight

This system was a custom solution designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, rotate and transfer untrimmed books to a customer supplied trimmer. Books enter the system indexed front side down. The books are transported to the rotary flipper to orient the book front side up. Sensors detect as books enter the flipper, triggering the flipper to rotate 90 degrees for preparation of receiving another book. As the second book enters, the sensors notify the system to rotate once again to release the book initially loaded. This process continues as books are fed to the rotary flipper. Once books have been properly oriented, they are transported to a transfer device that transfers the books 90 degrees to a customer supplied trimmer. As books enter the transfer device, a sensor detects the presence of a book and lower the belted surface to complete the transfer. Once the book clears the transfer device, the belted surface extends to receive another book.