Laning and Merging Un-Wrapped Stacks of Wet Wipes - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to divide and transport unwrapped stacks of wet wipes to a customer supplied wrapper at a rate of 80 products per minute. Products enter the system from the customer’s stacker with a 5-inch gap between stacks and transported to a one to two diverter. The belt-to-belt diverter has 3 modes of operation for laning and diverting. The first mode is lane balancing between the two lanes feeding the customer supplied wrapper. The second and third modes will divert to a dedicated lane if the wrapper on the other lane is being serviced. If traffic sensors detect a stoppage in one of the lanes, the diverter will automatically divert all product to the other lane and even lane balancing will resume once the stoppage is cleared. Wrapped products exit the customer supplied wrappers and continue downstream to a customer supplied tuck flapping devices.