Single Rowing and Laning Cheese Cups - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, accumulate, and divide containers of cheese at a rate of 120 products per minute. Products enter the system in a single row from a customer supplied labeler. A retractable guide diverts the product onto a mass accumulation zone. The products convey in mass to the other side of the accumulation conveyor. When the products reach the end of the accumulation zone, they are single rowed using a series of surface speed changes and guides allowing the product to form a single row. A side mounted sensor detects to ensure that products are conveying smoothly in the single rowing zone. If a jam occurs, the conveyor will stop and reverse product flow until the product is able to convey freely. Once in a single row, the products enter a divider where they will be evenly distributed to each lane as they discharge to the customer supplied case packer.