Single Rowing and Dejamming Paint Cans - System Spotlight

This system was designed to single row, accumulate, and transport filled and empty paint cans in preparation for labeling and packaging. Designed to run both gallon and pint size cans, this system also features an automatic de-jamming device. The cans enter the system in a pattern formation created by a robot. Once our plc receives a signal from the robot that the pattern is complete, the Shuttleworth Slip-Torque® conveyor will turn on. Transporting the pattern of cans, the system begins to single row the cans with the use of guides and two side transfers. Using guides to create a funnel, allows the cylinder-shaped cans to easily shift as they are conveyed to merge and combine into a single row. If a jam occurs while the cans are being single rowed, a sensor is activated. This sensor stops the specific section of conveyor, reverses the direction of flow, and resumes forward motion, allowing the cans to shift until single rowing can be completed. Once the cans are in a single line, they are transported to the labeler and packing station.