Metering Stacks of Greeting Cards - System Spotlight

This system we designed for one of our customers that wanted transport, accumulate, meter and index, and unstack greeting cards at a rate of 1100 cards or 2.1 stacks per minute. Product stacks are placed on the system by an operator with the narrow edge leading. The stacks transport to a product stop in front of Shuttleworth’s lift and transfer device. Five to nine product stacks may accumulate behind this stop, depending on product size. Stacks are indexed out from the stop and on to the lift and transfer device one at a time. An adjustable side clamp is located upstream to hold back the second stack in the event of accumulated product. Stacks convey to the lift and transfer device and wait to be released downstream to the de-stacker. When a downstream sensor measuring the stack height at the de-stacker unit clears, indicating only a few cards remain, the lift and transfer rises and the motor activates sending the new stack to the de-stacker unit. The stack travels to the de-stacker where the bottom most card is stripped of the stack to provide a constant feed to the customer supplied hopper. Sensors on the hopper detect the fill level and the conveyor is stopped and started as needed to maintain a good stack height in the hopper.