Combining and Feeding Paper Plates to Wrapper - System Spotlight

Shuttleworth’s Slip-Torque® low line pressure conveyor design is the perfect choice to handle stacks of paper plates fresh off the presses. This system features pin stops located in the conveyor surface allowing stacks of paper plates to accumulate and provide traffic control for other plate stacks from other presses to pass if necessary. The Slip-Torque rollers stop under accumulated stacks of plates to reduce or eliminate any scuffing or marking that is commonly see with conventional mat top or belt conveyors. In addition to our Slip-Torque rollers, we added overhead guides to enable a single Shuttleworth conveyor to have multiple lanes with each lane operating independently. Once released by the pin stops, speed transfers let the plates slide from the press discharge conveyor onto the combining conveyor. To reduce the amount of dust created by the press, our engineers chose to gap the roller shafts to let the dust pass through the conveyor surface and used anti-static rollers as to not attract any dust particles. We also used simple ninety-degree transfers to allow the system to be flexible in design and fit in tight configurations.