Squaring Loose Stacks of Paper - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to change the orientation, transport, and square stacks of paper bank checks in preparation for a shrink wrapper. This system utilizes Shuttleworth’s star roller surface technology. Shuttleworth’s star roller technology was developed to transport and gently handle stacks of paper while minimizing the shingling of paper stacks that you commonly see on roller and belt surface conveyors. A pattern of checks enters the system short edge leading to a fixed end stop. A lift and transfer device lifts the stacks one row at a time and changes the orientation from short edge leading to long edge leading. The loose paper stacks travel to and accumulate behind a pair of pneumatic pin stops. An overhead brake is used to hold back the second stack while the pin stops are lowered to allow the first stack to advance forward to the squaring device. A second pair of pin stops hold the stacks of paper in place as a pneumatic pusher aligns the stack to square the stack. The stack is then released to feed an automatic shrink wrapper.