Laning and Merging Packaged Wet Wipes for Case Packing - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, accumulate, divide, and index packages of wipes at a rate of 100 products per minute. Products travel onto the system in two lanes each with 50 packages a minute. The system was designed so that each lane could contain a different package brand wrap. To accomplish this, products travel to a two-lane diverter. The diverter divides the package lanes to two customer supplied case packers. Utilizing Shuttleworth slip-torque® design, a speed change was created in the surface of the conveyor before the diverting tunnel to separate the packages for counting. Once a desired count is reached for the right two lanes, the diverter will shift to the left two lanes. The products continue downstream toward the case packer and accumulate behind a blade stop in their lanes. Then a pneumatic overhead brake will activate holding accumulated product so that only a slug of four packages is released at a time and sent to the case packer.