Pattern Forming Rolls of Tape for Robotic Case Packing - System Spotlight

This system was designed for one of our customers that wanted to transport, accumulate, index, divide, and pattern form wrapped rolls of tape at a rate of 240 products per minute for preparation of a robotic case packer. Rolls of tape enter the system and accumulate to a stop at the end of each of the nine lanes. Since the rolls of tape enter the system in a mass accumulated formation, the rolls of tape are shifted into one of the nine lanes by a set of overhead guides that are pneumatically extended and retracted. When the rolls of tape fill up the desired amount in each lane, pin stops are lowered to advance 18 rolls of tape to the robot pick station while a second set of pin stops hold back the remaining tape rolls upstream. The conveyor surface is designed to allow re-circulation of product on each side of the conveyor. If a roll of tape does not make it into a lane, the re-circulation area will bring product back around to the infeed of the conveyor. The rolls of tape will then be funneled to the middle of the conveyor using angled guides. The rolls of tape will continue this process until it enters a lane.